The company history of KWS Kölle GmbH special tool construction

2018 Chistian Streit takes over KWS Kölle GmbH
 For reasons of age, Helmut Hübner hands over the company to his nephew Christian Streit in spring 2018, who is now the new owner and managing director of the Mauerstetten company.

2016 Expansion of the production area
 With the construction of building 2, the production area was expanded by 450 m².

2009 Extension of the company building
The size of the company was expanded by 50% and a new administration building was erected.

2004 Extension of the company building
KWS is on an expansion course and is expanding the existing building with an extension and 300 m² of additional production space.

2003 Helmut Hübner becomes the new owner and managing director of KWS
At the end of 2002, for reasons of age, the shareholders handed over the company to Helmut Hübner, who has had a successful tool shop since 1986.

1991 Karl Kölle retires
At the end of 1991, Karl Kölle, the company founder and managing director, left the company and went into retirement.

1988 new building and relocation
A new company building was erected at the current location in Mauerstetten, which KWS moved into in 1988.

1981 Conversion to a GmbH
The Karl Kölle company is transformed into KWS Kölle GmbH. Karl Kölle, Peter John, Klemens Posselt, Kurt Klumpp and Wilfried Müller are the shareholders in the new company. In the following years, new employees are hired and KWS invests in the latest CNC technology. In the mid-1980s, the premises in Frankenhofen were too small and KWS Kölle expanded.

1978 Company foundation
After the closure of WMW Siemens in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, seven former employees set up their own company headed by Karl Kölle with headquarters in Frankenhofen. With a lot of effort, the team around Karl Kölle manages to build up a customer base and to develop a good market position.