Single parts and small-batch series

In the manufacturing of single parts, we at KWS place great value on consistent machinery. Single parts, custom parts and prototypes are often a central piece in your project, which makes it all the more important that you receive precise and high-quality products. It is not a problem at KWS because our staff has manufacturing know-how. We guarantee timely delivery and compliance with all quality requirements.

We deliver your desired number of pieces, whether single milled parts, turned parts, eroded parts or more complex single parts, in which our extensive machinery becomes your absolute advantage. Another special feature of our single part and small-batch series production is the variety of materials we can process.

Single parts with highest precision - your advantage with KWS

  • Precision parts, single parts, small-batch series, drawing parts
  • Qualified staff with manufacturing know-how
  • Extensive and consistent machinery
  • A variety of materials to be processed by us
  • Highest precision at competitive prices
  • In-house manufacturing according to your technical specifications or our own design
  • Hard machining, carbide processing, ceramic processing, graphite processing, …

Processing methods

We manufacture on state-of-the-art machine tools and have all the necessary technologies available in-house.

  • CNC turning and CNC millturning
  • CNC hard turning (high precision turning)
  • CNC milling and HSC milling
  • Wire EDM and sinker EDM
  • Start hole EDM
  • CNC jig grinding and CNC cylindrical grinding
  • CNC surface grinding
  • CNC laser marking
  • Pre-series test presses
  • Surface treatment with sandblasting and polishing
  • Heat treatment

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We supply single parts and small-batch series from various materials. Due to our experience in different fields, we have extensive experience in the processing all kinds of materials, e.g.:

  • All types of steel (low-alloy and high-alloy steel, powder metallurgical steel, stainless steel, …)
  • Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)
  • Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Titanium, aluminium and their alloys
  • Various plastics
  • Graphite and composites

Does the material you need not appear in the list? No problem, just contact us.

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